Homework is the purposeful out-of-class learning that seeks to enhance the educational programs of the school. It is one method which the school employs to involve parents and students in a range of activities that are purposeful, enjoyable and provide opportunities for consolidation, extension or enrichment.


Homework has the potential to further the school-home partnership in education and assist parents in understanding the level at which their child is working. It is a means by which aspects of the school’s programs can be projected into the home setting.

Homework can assist in the development of an understanding of and clarification of the school’s philosophy and programs, the methods of teaching and learning valued and fostered by the school and the needs of the children.

Homework is an ideal opportunity for students to complete tasks, which require supervision on a one to one basis, or tasks which, while educationally beneficial are not practical in terms of classroom management. The use of homework in this way extends the educational opportunities of students.

Recommended Time Allocations per Night

The following are the recommended times for homework tasks in accord with DET Policy.

Times indicated are per night. Where children have difficulty in completing homework within this timeframe on a regular basis, you should consult the teacher.

Year Times allocated for Homework Tasks Times allocated for Home Reading Research and Projects
Kinder 10 minutes Parents read to children nightly 10-20 minutes
Years 1-2 10-20 minutes 10-20 minutes
Years 3-4 20-30 minutes 20 minutes Completion of class work. Research and projects at teacher’s discretion.
Years 5-6 30-40 minutes 30 minutes Completion of class work. Research

and projects at teacher’s discretion.

Homework Handbook