Regular attendance at school is essential to assist students to maximise their potential. Schools, in partnership with parents, are responsible for promoting the regular attendance of students.


Parents are required to explain the absences of their children from school promptly and within seven days of the first day of any period of absence. Please email the child’s teacher or school office

A signed Request for Support at School of a Student’s Health Condition is required if medication is to be taken at school. Medication will then be administered by a designated staff member. It is preferred that Asthma sufferers have spare relieving medication kept at the office. An emergency asthma kit is kept in the First Aid Room/Sick Bay, and separate first aid kits are taken on excursions and to sporting events.

Students who become sick or are injured at school attend the Sick Bay located in the front administration office where they are assessed by staff with first aid qualifications. If a student is seriously ill or has sustained an injury of concern, the school will contact parents.

All staff are trained regularly in the management and treatment of Anaphylaxis in accordance with ASCIA and DEC Health policies.

It is encouraged that students do not bring nuts or nut spread to school due to the large number of students who are anaphylactic.

A current contact telephone number for all parents and an emergency contact must be available.

If parents cannot be contacted and the injury or sickness is sufficiently serious, an ambulance will be called. The school contributes to the Ambulance Fund for this purpose.


Students’ medical details are documented within their individual CareMonkey profiles by parents. Details should be updated throughout the school year as required, so teachers can access up-to-date information about each child.

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