“Randwick, Randwick we shout in the air, To show the world that Randwick kids care, so goes our school song which is sung regularly with the gusto and melodic beauty of a Welsh choir, raising a lump in my throat on every occasion.  

Care is demonstrated by students in so many ways: care for one another, care for learning, care for our school and care for our environment. For teachers it’s their care and passion for their profession and their commitment to achieving the best for students. For parents it is demonstrated in their support, not only for their own children but the greater good achieved through active engagement in the school.

Quality learning programs are planned, implemented and evaluated to improve student learning and are based on the latest research and evidence based practice. Relationships between students, teachers and the community are respectful and positive. All members of the school community work collaboratively and with the knowledge of collective responsibility for future generations. Diversity in every imaginable manifestation is appreciated and celebrated. Since the school’s establishment in 1886 families have come together under the motto “Endeavour” confident that that they can achieve through their own individual and collective efforts.

To this day our motto “Endeavour” characterizes our efforts to always strive with effort and purpose to do better. It has assured an enduring history of well educated young people, ready to go out and contribute to the broader world and confident to “lead the way”.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school.